If anyone knows the Natural Park of Gerês then they surely know that natural views and beautiful scenes are guaranteed.
I'm fortunate to live about 1h drive from there and I'm starting to explore more of this park and last Sunday me and my wife went hike on a small trail called "Trilho da águia do sarilhão" (Sarilhão eagle trail). These are two image shooted at the most beautiful (IMO) parks of the trail. 
Almost at the 2km mark of the trail there's a part covered on lustful trees and paved on warm toned dirt and rocks. 
On the end of this part of the trail there's a small river (it almost escaped my eyes) with some centimeters of water. What cought my eye was this beautifull green rock under those gnarly trees.
Hope to be back there's really soon, at least at autumn to shot those warm red tones.
Hope you enjoy the images as I enjoyed to take them. 

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